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Why It's Time For the Ravens to Move on From Lamar Jackson

Jason Brown: “I’m gonna be honest, I’m looking at the game where they have the ball at the end of the game [vs. Jacksonville], which we know a check-down from their own 30 with five seconds ;eft kind of tells all— that Lamar can’t throw a ball in the middle of the teeth of the coverage. I’m looking at Harbaugh’s face and he's like ‘God, I can’t wait to blow this roster up, or I’m fired anyway.' I could just see it on his face that he’s realizing ‘I need a quarterback that can throw the football’, and until we do, we have no shot."

Jason Whitlock: “You really think John Harbaugh at this point is capable of hitting the eject button on Lamar Jackson?”

Coach Brown: “Yeah, because listen… you got a guy you’re about to pay astronomical, generational money to, and he’s ‘this far’ from being hurt. If you put money into this guy and he goes out there and gets hurt, you’re DONE. You have no roster movement or wiggle room, you’re putting all your money into this guy— you’re DONE. You didn’t have to worry about Flacco getting hurt. If you want to get ‘traditional’ [with someone like Joe Flacco], he can actually throw the ball on time although he’s not a great skillset quarterback, but you can run the football with him, you can play defense, he can continue drives, but we won’t put our guys in harm’s way, and we won’t put our defense in harm’s way with Flacco and with Trent Dilfer. We will let Ray Lewis and Ed Reed go out here, we will let Jamal Lewis eat, we will let Tony Siragusa get sacks, we’ll play defense, and we’ll beat the Raiders 7-3, like when Trent Dilfer hit Shannon Sharpe on a 99-yard touchdown [2001 AFC Championship Game]. That’s how the Ravens have been and how they have won football games. This isn’t the way to do it, and he [Harbaugh] knows that. I could see him thinking ‘why would I pay $250 million to a guy who is a step slower every season, and we can’t live and die by this guy running around all day long with his feet and having the opportunity to be injured, and we just spent all our money.' I’d rather have the slow, stale, White dude back there who won’t screw me.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock and ‘Last Chance U’ coach Jason Brown discuss Lamar Jackson’s future with the Baltimore Ravens, as Coach Brown has his concerns about the Ravens giving into Jackson’s demands to be one of the highest-paid players in the league.

Check out the segment above as Coach Brown details why he thinks the Ravens should move on from Jackson after this season.

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