NFL Week 2 Betting Preview

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images North America

Bill Krackomberger: “There are 5 double-digit favorites this weekend. That is unbelievable to have 5 like that after the first week. It’s unusual especially since how most of these first games went. With the Rams, I don’t usually want to go off of a team’s first game, they need a game or two under their belt. I never, ever lay any double-digit favorite throughout the year, ever. I’m an underdog guy. I want the side that the sportsbooks have by the time the ball is in the air.” 

Bill Krackomberger, Sports Handicapper from, joins The Doug Gottlieb Show! Krack previews a few key matchups and potential bets in the NFL in Week 2. Krack dives into recent line movements and explains some significant factors that have led to these moves.

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